Reiterating the Necessity for Regular Playground Inspections

In yet another case of complacency and oversight when it comes to playground inspections, five-year old Jaeger Verryt had the misfortune of losing a pinky toe when it got caught in a gap of a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round. As the equipment rotated, the toe was severely pulled off his foot.

Play Inspect Wins Comprehensive Inspections For All Playgrounds and Fitness Areas in Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands, one of Australia's most iconic green spaces, boasts a plethora of playgrounds and fitness areas frequented by thousands of visitors daily. Play Inspect has recently been commissioned to keep these spaces safe for its patrons through year-round inspections and assessment. And we see this as an honor. Like you, we love Centennial Parklands and we promise to devote our very best to keeping it safe for you.

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Play Inspect Wins Contract for Sydney Olympic Park Playground Inspections

Play Inspect is happy and proud to announce that we have been chosen to conduct regular Comprehensive and Operational inspections for all the playgrounds and fitness areas of the renowned sports complex.

For us, this is testament to the expertise and dedication of our team. We have persistently trained and perfected our skills and processes in comprehensive playground inspections. We continue to do so because we know our work affects the well-being of you and your children. We are committed to doing our best to fulfill, if not exceed, expectations.

A Simple Guide to the Latest Standards for Playground Equipment

From the Old AS4685:2014 to AS4685:2021: A Simple Guide to the Latest Standards for Playground Equipment
The 'Playground Standard', or AS 4685, serves as a guideline for designers and inspectors on what constitutes an adequately safe playground. It outlines the fundamental safety requirements for playground equipment, but it's not designed to eliminate every chance of minor injury.

Play Inspect Welcomes 4 Newly-Certified Level 3 Inspectors to the Team

We at Play Inspect are extremely happy and proud to announce that 3 of our team members have recently been certified as Level 3 Inspectors, and 1 as a Level 2 Operational inspector with a RTO playground inspector certification program.

Play Inspect Supports Campbelltown City Council with Comprehensive Annual Inspections

Playgrounds are vital recreational zones for children. They are crucial to a child’s physical development, social interaction, and cognitive growth. This makes the maintenance and safety of these spaces equally important.

Playground Accidents: Highlighting the Need to Focus on Children’s Safety and Regular Playground Maintenance

Around October last year, we got news from the Strathfield Council about a five-year-old who lost two fingertips because of a playground incident at Strathfield Park.

The news is shocking, and certainly something we don’t want to happen again. Sadly though, this is just a recent incident and not entirely new.
Earlier in 2022, a Sydney mother went through agony as her young daughter suffered from second-degree burns. The toddler fell over the hot metal of a playground carousel.

Different Types of Playground Inspections and Why They Matter

Playground inspections are just some of the things we can’t take for granted. Playgrounds should be sanctuaries for our children. While there are innate risks that come with child’s play, it is the playground management’s responsibility to minimise this risk in the best ways possible.

Thus, playground inspections play a crucial part in ensuring the safety of our children. Regular comprehensive inspections are musts. Your playground should have a reliable and expert playground inspections partner for all its needs.

Too Many Hazardous Playgrounds Spark Standards Review

As playground safety standards continue to evolve it is critical to stay up-to-date to ensure your equipment is compliant.

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Why Commercial Playground Equipment Needs to be Inspected

The recent incident in Fern Tree Gully Park is another horrific reminder why we need to regularly inspect commercial playground equipment. According to the Herald Sun, a four-year old girl was playing in a spinning runabout when her hand got caught in the equipment. The accident resulted in a severed finger and she needed immediate medical attention.