Play Inspect Welcomes 4 Newly-Certified Level 3 Inspectors to the Team

We at Play Inspect are extremely happy and proud to announce that 3 of our team members have recently been certified as Level 3 Inspectors, and 1 as a Level 2 Operational inspector with a RTO playground inspector certification program.

A Level 3 playground inspector has the most advanced level of certification. They are responsible for conducting comprehensive operational inspections of playgrounds. This would typically include a detailed evaluation of the playground's compliance with safety standards, including an assessment of individual playground equipment and surfacing materials, as well as checks for potential hazards.

Our Level 3 inspectors are also responsible for creating inspection reports and advising on maintenance and repair needs, and even on playground design to improve safety.

Level 3 certification is a comprehensive training course, designed in line with the Australian Standards for playgrounds (AS 4685:2021 and AS 4685.0:2017). It is a requisite certification in order to carry out our Comprehensive, Annual and Post Installation inspections services.

Play Inspect now has a total of 5 qualified inspectors in the team. This means we are able to fulfill all your playground inspection requirements sooner, without compromising thoroughness, and service quality and dedication. We are your best partners in ensuring the safety of our children.

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