Play Inspect Wins Comprehensive Inspections For All Playgrounds and Fitness Areas in Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands, one of Australia's most iconic green spaces, boasts a plethora of playgrounds and fitness areas frequented by thousands of visitors daily. Play Inspect has recently been commissioned to keep these spaces safe for its patrons through year-round inspections and assessment. And we see this as an honor. Like you, we love Centennial Parklands and we promise to devote our very best to keeping it safe for you.

What We Will Do For You
Ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of these spaces is paramount. A comprehensive and operational inspection process is indispensable for upholding the park's reputation and ensuring the well-being of its users.

1. Go Above And Beyond Local Standards and Guidelines:
We strictly abide by the current standards and best practices, especially AS 4685.0-2014, which sets the foundation for playground safety. Likewise, our procedures also reference the guidelines laid out by Kidsafe, the National Playground Safety Institute, and other local bodies.

2. Conduct Regular Quarterly Inspections and Comprehensive Annual Inspections:
We implement a tiered approach to inspections. This ensures continued monitoring and thorough assessment of playgrounds and fitness areas, all year round.

3. Assessment the Ground Surfacing:
Injury prevention starts from the ground up. It's essential to check that the surfacing materials, whether they are loose-fill or unitary, provide sufficient impact attenuation. Materials like sand, rubber, or wood chips can get displaced over time, leading to areas with insufficient depth. The surface should be routinely raked and replenished, and wet-pour surfaces should be checked for wear or damage.

4. Examination of Playground Equipment:
Every component – from slides to swings, climbers to balance beams – needs scrutiny. Key areas of focus include:
Integrity: Check for signs of corrosion, cracks, or breaks in the equipment.
Connections: Bolts, clamps, and other connectors should be tight and not protruding.
Wear and Tear: Chains, ropes, or moving parts need frequent checks for wear.
Entanglement Hazards: Ensure that there are no areas where children's clothing or limbs could get caught.

5. Inspect Fitness Area Equipment:
Fitness areas are becoming more prevalent in parks. Like playgrounds, they require detailed inspections:
Stability: All stationary equipment, such as pull-up bars or bench presses, should be firmly anchored.
Moving Parts: Equipment like ellipticals or rowing machines should be examined for smooth operation without any jarring stops.
Instructional Signage: Ensure signs indicating proper usage are clearly visible and in good condition.

6. Gauge the General Environment:
Inspect the general surroundings. Look for hazards such as overhanging branches, bee nests, or broken glass. Ensure pathways are clear, and access points, especially for the differently-abled, are unobstructed.

Ensuring the safety and functionality of the playgrounds and fitness areas in Centennial Parklands is not a one-time endeavor but a continuous commitment. And that’s what you can expect from Play Inspect!

Image Credit: Centennial Parklands